Vanilla Ice Net Worth

Vanilla Ice Net Worth

$18 Million

Vanilla Ice was born in October 1967 in South Dallas of Texas. He is famous rapper who have estimated net worth of $18 million USD.
Robert Mathew Van Winkle is a known celebrity popular known by his stage name Vanilla Ice. He is an American rapper and also a known home improvement television personality. It is rare to find a white rapper in America who has prospered like Vanilla Ice. His celebrity status started shining in the late 1990. This was when he released his hit single, “Ice Ice Baby”. This song became the talk of the rapping field and was on top of the charts after its release. His wealth started accumulating here when he sold over seven million copies while the hit song was topping the charts for a continuous 16 weeks. From this, it was evident that this white rapper was deemed to become among the richest celebrities of his time.

The epitome of his career was in the late 1990 when he released the hit single “Ice Ice Baby”. This song topped the charts for 16 consecutive weeks putting his name in the limelight. Previously, he had done his debut album, “Hooked” in 1989. From this, he went on to sign a contract with SBK Records, who helped him to commercialize his name as a brand. He had his ups and downs with the record label before parting ways. He later on changed his music style which did not go well with his fans.

In the year 2009, Vanilla Ice came back to the limelight with a role in the DIY television network. He played host to the TV show “the Vanilla Ice Project.” In his role as the TV host, Ice has earned so much of salary. His earnings increased when his new album, WTF, was released in 2011. He also featured in the film Cool as Ice where he earned in excess of $1 million.

Despite have a hard time in the late 90s, Vanilla Ice still stands among the richest celebrities. He has total net worth of $18 million. His net worth is bound to increase given his authority in the home improvement TV personality.
He has a home in Miami Beach that is valued at over $10 million. Apart from that, Vanilla has notable wealth in form of his song’s loyalty.

Vanilla Ice Net Worth

Full Name Robert Matthew Van Winkle
Nationality United States
Date Of Birth October 31. 1967
Birth Place Dallas, Texas, US
Height 6’2″
Occupation Rapper, Singer, Actor, Record Producer
Education Drop Out,  R L Turner High School
Marital Status Married (Laura Giarrita)
Children 2
Source Of Wealth Music, Television.