TI Net Worth

TI Net Worth

$75 Million

Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. (popularly known as TI) is the professional American rapper, actor and producer who has estimated net worth $75 million US dollar.
TI is one of the most sensational rap artists in the world. He has risen through the ladder to become an influencing rapper. He was born in September 25, 1980 in Atlanta Georgia. He was raised in Atlanta by his grandparents while his father used to live in New York. He would visit his father in New York once in a while. But his father died from Alzheimer’s disease.

His rapping career began at the age of 8. He knew that he wanted to become a rap artist and even dropped out of high school. He has since become a popular figure in the American rap industry. Not only is he amongst the best rappers in America but also among the richest rappers in the world.

TI is worth $75 million. This is what he has earned in his professional career in the entertainment industry. He is not yet content with his net account and he is working hard to make better his account using the various sources of income and salary that he has.

Having begun his musical career at age of 8, Clifford makes it as one of the most experienced artists in the world. He has made much of his money from the music industry. This is through the album sales and music concerts he has attended. For a single concert, he earns more than $100k. He is also a record producer earning a good amount from this venture. He is the founder of Grand Hustle Records.

Apart from his music venture, He is also an actor having featured in a television series and Hollywood films. For his involvement in the popular television series called “TI and Tiny” he earned $10,000 per episode. This has also contributed much to his huge net worth. Clifford Joseph has a clothing line that earns him good amount of money. He is the main endorser of his clothing line and likes showing it off.

TI is also among the philanthropic artists giving a good part of his money to charity organizations that are keen on finding cure for people living with Alzheimer. He is just 37 year old and we are expecting that he will earn lots of money in nearest future.

TI Net Worth

Full Name Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr
Nationality American
Date Of Birth September 25, 1980
Birth Place Georgia, United States
Height 5’9″ (1.75 m)
Occupation Rapper, Producer, Actor.
Education Drop Out, Douglass High School
Marital Status Married (Tameka “Tiny” Cottle)
Children 5
Source Of Wealth Music, Television, Film.