Steven Spielberg Net Worth

Net Worth:

$3.7 Billion

Steven Spielberg net worth: Steven Spielberg is an American screenwriter ,movie executive director, producer, studio business person and computer program creator has the estimated net worth of $3.7 Billion and approximately annual salary is $150 million.

He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1946, his mother was a pianist, and father was an electrical engineer. He started direction and production at his early ages. When he was at age 13 he made a film ‘Escape to Nowhere’. And then at the age of 16 he made another film ‘Firelight’ which is science fiction movie. After high school, he was rejected from University of Southern California ‘Film School’.He started his career as an unpaid intern at Universal Studios and age 22 was given the opportunity to direct short film ‘Amblin’.

He has his own property contain many houses, collection of cars, Yacht and Island. He has a house in Pacific Palisades Estate, LA 145860 SQ FT which is the worth of $21+ Million. And also another house which is at East Hampton Mansion, New York which contains the area of 190 acres and has guesthouse, studio and screening room and the worth of $24+ Million. He also has two apartments in Sanremo, New York purchased in 1990 and now they have the net worth of $7 Million. There is also another house Malibu Beach House , CA which is the worth of  $26 Million, but he sold it in 2005 for the same price.

He has two islands in the Madeira Archipelago off the coast of Portugal. There is also a 282 feet Seven Seas Yacht
is in his property. He also has a collection of cars in which there is a Tesla Model S which price is $70,000 and Aston Martin DB 9 Vol-ante worth of $203,295 and there is also a Porsche 928 (1+) Modified moon roof button on the dashboard to say “E.T”. He also has a private jet Gulf stream G 650 worth of $65 Million which is owned by Amblin Entertainment.

He also did many other investments in his life-like “Amblin” is $50 Million, he is the founder and chairman of the company. He is also the co-founder of ‘Dream Works Studios’ and invested approximately $33 Million in 1994. ‘Dreams-cape’ is also his another investment in February, 2017, which is The Location Based virtual reality firm and plans to open its first VR Multiplex in LA.

He is also a philanthropist who donated a lot of money for the betterment of the world. He donated his salary and all of his profits from ‘Schindler’s List’ to The Shoah Foundation. He made another donation like $10 Million to Motion Pictures, $10 Million to La Film Museum, $1 Million to Jewish History Museum.
Films that was directed by him have earned $9+ Billions and make him the highest grossing director ever with the net worth of $3.7 Billion.s

Steven Spielberg Net Worth

Full Name Steven Allen Spielberg
Nationality American
Date Of Birth December 18, 1946
Birth Place Cincinnati, Ohio, US
Height 5 ft 7 in
Education Sara-toga High School
Occupation Director, Producer.
Marital Status Married(Kate Ca-pshaw)
Children 7
Source Of Wealth Movies