Steve Wozniak Net Worth

Steve Wozniak Net Worth

$100 Million

Steve Wozniak is the well-known businessman and engineer of American who reported to have total wealth of 100 millions dollars.
Stephen Gary mostly known as her work name Steve Wozniak was born in August 1950 in San Jose, California. Steve is co-founder of Apple Co along with Ronald, Mike and Steve Jobs. He developed, designated and marketed their first personal computer line “The Apple 2″.

Wozniak attend University of California, Berkeley to higher education and later on 1971 met to Job at the time of working for HP. Both decided to start their own company and assembled first prototype of Apple computer. In 1970s they release Apple I and Apple II computers and Steve Woz credited for that and become sole creator of original Apple operating system, circuit board and hardware.

in 1977, Wozniak permanently ended his full time employment with Apple but remain as employee of Apple and receive stipend. He annually gets $120K salary as stipend from Apple. Steve is also shareholder of Apple and have huge shares which add up much to his wealth.

Steve also founded CL-9 venture that developed the first programmable universal remote control. In 2001, He founded Wheels of Zeus (also known as WOZ) company that create wireless GPS system to help everyone to find things much more easily.

Apart from all these, He is also Board of Director of Ripcord Networks inc and Danger Inc, The marker of Hip Top. He has founded so many small and medium size company apart from his Apple career and all these bring his total net worth to USD 100 millions.

Steve Wozniak Net Worth

Full Name Stephan Gary Wozniak
Nationality United States
Date Of Birth August 11, 1950
Birth Place San Jose, California
Net Worth $100 Million
Occupation Inventer, Computer Engineer, Programer
Education University Of California
Marital Status Divorced
Children 3
Source Of Wealth Apple Computers


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