Steve Jobs Net Worth

Steve Jobs Net Worth:

$10.2 Billion

Steve Jobs born in San Francisco, his biological father was Syrian and his mother was an American native. At birth time he was adopted, his adopted father worked as a machinist and mother worked as an accountant. During childhood, he only had few friends and was often bullied by some of his classmates. At 17, he joined Reed College but dropped out and started working at Atari video game. When he was 19 years old he traveled to India in search of spirituality and lived in India for seven months. After a year, he Co-founded Apple in his family’s garage with $1,300, he arranged this money by selling a calculator and a car.

He has a Home in Palo Alto,California worth of $9.3 Million which was purchased in 1990 after his marriage, this house has 5,768 sq ft area which was built in 1920 and has 7 bedrooms, garden and a home office. Another Jackling House, Wood-side, California purchased in 1984, he lived in this house about 10 years, this house built in 1925, has 17,250 sq ft area, 14 rooms, mansion had gardens, courtyard, open air balconies. In 2011, few months before his death, he demolished his Jackling house to rebuild the property.

He has a private jet 1999 Gulf-stream Aerospace worth of $40 Million which was gifted to him by Apple’s board in 2000. He has a good collection of cars in which there is a Mercedes SL55 AMG, the interesting thing is that his car has no license plate, he used to lease a new car of same model every 6 months.There is also a car Porsche 911 worth of $90,450 is his property. He also have many other expensive bikes, watches and a yacht worth of $138 Million. Sadly, Job died before he could see the finished Yacht and never got to use the yacht.

He did a lot of investment in his life like Pixar (Stake-50.1%) 18+ films, Box Offices worth of $11 Billions, He acquired Pixar in 1986 for $10 Millions. He has a share in Walt Disney, Jobs was the largest single shareholder in Disney. In 2006 Disney acquired Pixar for $7.4 Billion. He is the founder of Next Computer and Software, software from Next resulted in mac-OS, IOS.

In 1997 Apple was nearing bankrupcy and Jobs was called back as Interim CEO and Apple’s Net Loss was $1 Billion but later he worked hard to stand his company and now Apple is world’s largest IT Corporation. In 2011 net profit of company was $26 Billion. Sadly, Steve Jobs died at his Palo Alro,California home due to relapse of pancreatic cancer. Governor of California declared October 16,2011 to be “Steve Jobs Day”.

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me” Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs Net Worth

Full Name Steven Paul Jobs
Nationality United States
Date Of Birth February 24, 1955
Birth Place San Francisco, U.S
Height 6′ 2″ (1.88m)
Occupation CEO of Apple
Education Homestead High School
Marital Status Laurene Powell
Children 4
Source Of Wealth Apple Inc, Pixar.