Steve Aoki Net Worth

Steve Aoki Net Worth

$75 Million

Japanese American electro-house musician and record producer, Steve Aoki, was born in Miami, Florida, on November 30, 1977 and has estimated net worth of $75 million US dollars.
Although born in Miami, Steve Aoki grew up in Newport Beach, living with his grand parents, mother and two older siblings (one sister and one brother). He graduated from Newport Harbor High School in 1995. During this time, he was one of the star players on the varsity badminton team.

Steven Hiroyuki then went on to the University of California (Santa Barbara), from which he graduated with two BA’s (the unusual combination of Feminist studies and Sociology). During his time at college, he produced several records, and ran underground concerts out of his apartment, which became known as The Pickle Patch.

By his early 20’s, Aoki had developed his own record label, which he named Dim Mak Records. This name was chosen as a reference to his childhood hero, Bruce Lee. The record label was used to release music from other electro house artists. HE finally started to see success through the relentless touring that he was doing through 2010 / 11, where he was performing as many as 250 shows per year.

Throughout 2010, 11, 12 and 13, he did a number of collaborations with other artists, including Linkin Park and Zuper Blahq. This also started to get his name known in different circles, which helped gain more fans.
In January 2012, Steven released an album called ‘Wonderland’, which features guest appearances from musicians such as, LMFAO, Kid Cudi, Kay, Travis Barker, Will.I.Am, Wynter Gordon, Lil Jon and others. He also released his first EP later that same year, entitled ‘It’s The End Of The World As We Know It’, which features 3 tracks.

Aoki has been making a fairly comfortable living, since finally seeing success. In 2012, he grossed $12 million, and in 2013, he grossed $14 million. He is now worth an estimated $75 million.
Given that the music industry is very fickle, no one can really know just how long his success will last. If he keeps going at his current rate, he could do very well for himself for another few years, which could set him up quite nicely. We are expecting that he would have net worth of $100 million within few years. There is only so long that one can keep up the energy he creates in his shows. But once he feels he has done his dash, he can always ease off, and focus more on the producing side of the industry, and start building his business up even more.

Steve Aoki Net Worth

Full Name Steven Hiroyuki Aoki
Nationality American
Date Of Birth November 30, 1977
Birth Place Miami, Florida
Ethnicity Korean, American
Occupation Record Producer, Electro house musician.
Education Newport Harbor High School
Years Active 1996 to Present
Labels Redfoo
Source Of Wealth Music, Djing.