Romeo Santos Net Worth

Romeo Santos Net Worth

$30 Million

Romeo Santos ( birth name is Anthony Santos ) is 36 year old Furious 7 movie star and famous singer having estimated net worth of $30 million US Dollars.
Romeo Santos is among the few Dominican-American singers. His Dominican descend gives him a huge following for the lovers of his type of music. People who appreciate his music have made him a millionaire by buying his music. Apart from singing, He is a composer. He is amongst the most creative song composers in America. Having been born in July 21, 1981, Anthony is amongst the youthful celebrities who have made huge amount of money in their accounts. Please find out more details from below paragraph.

This singer understands that making a huge net worth is what makes him to be respected as a celebrity. It is approximated that Romeo has a net worth totaling up to $30 million. This figure is the most accurate figure of his entire earning. The figure has a put in consideration his total income less the expenditures that he has. His investments may help him make more money in the future. However, his spending habits as a celebrity is what worry financial analysts who think he might overspend his money.

Romeo has mastered his art as an artist in the music industry. It is solely form music that he has accumulated such a huge amount of wealth. His involvement in the music industry made a great impact in his financial status. He is a popular from his former band group which was formed in 1994. The band struggled to make real earnings. They got their big break in 1999. It is the second band to have completely sold out Madison Square Garden. This is a clear indication that there was real money flowing in their accounts. Being one of them, Anthony would also pocket a huge amount of money from the band.

It was in 2011 when Santos released his first single album that sold many copies. Having made a name from the band, people easily accepted him as a good musician. 50,000 tickets were sold in his concert in Yankee Stadium making him instantly rich on that day. He also has more than 200 million subscribers on YouTube. His videos have played for over 350 million times. It might look like just mere fame but Romeo is earning millions from YouTube. This is also part of his earnings.

Romeo Santos Net Worth

Full Name Anthony Romeo Santos
Nationality United States
Date Of Birth July 21, 1981
Birth Place The Bronx, New York
Height 1.85m
Occupation Singer. Song writer, Actor
Ethnicity African American
Genres Bachata, Latin Pop
Instruments Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Source Of Wealth Music.