Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

$50 Million

Rob Dyrdek is the popular American reality TV star best known for his “Rob and Big” show and professional skateboarder who has estimated net worthof $50 million US dollars.
Born in the year 1974, Robert Stanley is a multi-talented individual. He is popularly known by his stage name Rob Dyrdek. He is a talented skateboarder, actor, producer, reality TV star and an entrepreneur. All these title lie under his back. And with such titles, you can imagine how much he is worth. To add on that, he is a known philanthropist.

After discovering that he has a talent in skateboarding, Rob decided to make it as his career and earn money out of it. This was at the age of twelve. He got a sponsorship by a company that sponsored his role model, Neill Blender. He would later quit the company to create Alien Workshop, a company that he owns up to date. Noting that the career was very promising, Dyrdek had to quit high school to engage in full time skateboarding in California. He made quite a substantial amount of money by riding for Droors Clothing. This company would later be transformed into DC shoes. He is being sponsored by DC shoes, Alien Workshop and Silver Trucks.

Given his popularity, Robert decided to join the film industry in 2006, where again he could earn so much money. He continued and rose to become a known TV star. His name became like a brand that earned him money even when he is sleeping.

Having said all that about Dyrdek, one may wonder how much such a person may be worth. His total net worth is considered to be in the $50 million range. This is to mean that he is one of the richest menon earth. Despite having this much, he still goes on to make substantial donations through his foundation, Rob Dyrdek Foundation.
His earnings are bound to increase given the fact that he is still young and very energetic. His popularity as a TV star is a major booster to making his earnings increase.
In 2012, he sold his house in LA and earned him in excess of $2,600,000 to add on his net worth. In 2013, he also sold his home in Hollywood Hills and earned $1,175,000.

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Full Name Robert Stenly Dyrdek
Nationality America
Date Of Birth June 28, 1974
Birth Place Ohio, USA
Height 5’7″
Occupation Skateboarder
Education Kettering Fairmont High School
Marital Status Single
Children None
Source Of Wealth Skateboarding, TV, Other Business.