Narendra Modi Net Worth

Narendra Modi Net Worth:

$20605 USD

Indian Prime Minister Nerendra Modi born on 17 September, 1950. His father was a tea seller at Vandagar railway station. When he was a child, he helped his father at the tea shop, and later ran a tea stale when his father passed away. At the age of 19, he worked in his uncle’s canteen at Ahmadabad and slept there at nights. He went to B.N High School Vadnagar. But his family could not afford to buy shoes for school, he mostly spend his time in school public library. He passed B.A in Political Science from Delhi University School of open Learning in 1978. And did MA Political Science, Gujarat University through Distance learning program in 1983.
Nerendra Modi’s monthly salary in $2493 as a Prime Minister. He has a house on 7 Race Course Road, Delhi of 12 acres official residence of PM. This house has multiple bungalows, office, helipad. He also has 2 Bungalows at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. These were allotted to him when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat, One was used as a residence and another as an office. His childhood home is in Vadnagar, where 8 people was live in  a small brick house.
His personal assets which was declared in 2016, in which there is a plot in Sector 1, Gandhinagar worth of $155,834 which was purchased in 2002. He also has bonds and some other currency worth of $63,892. The interesting thing is that he does not own any kind of cars or other property. He he uses the PM’s car, Mahendra Scorpio Land Rover Rang Rover. He left his house at the age of 17 and traveled for 2 years, living in ashram at Kolkata, Guwahati, Rajkot and Himalayan foothills. He joined RSS full-time at the age of 21. Initially his job was to clean the office and make breakfast and reply to letters. When he grew up at age 28 then his job also changed to oversee RSS activities in the areas of Surat, Vadodara and later in Delhi. As a General Secretary of BJP  he made a strategy to winning the Assembly election of 1998 in Gujarat and succeeded. And then he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001 to
2014, he is the only one CM which served for the such long time. Now he is the elected Prime Minister of the India.
He also authored many books like Emergency, Climate Change, short stories and poems. And also donated the Personal Donation of 21 lac to Girl child welfare in 2014, and 1 month salary to Relief Fund for Earthquake victims. In, 2016 Forbes has rated him as the 9th most powerful man in the world. And has only the net worth of $20605.

Narendra Modi Net Worth

Full Name Narendra Damodardas Modi.
Nationality Indian
Date Of Birth 17 September, 1950.
Birth Place Vadnagar, India.
Occupation Politician.
Education B.A Political Science.
Marital Status Jashodaben.
Ethnicity Hindu
Alma Mater University Of Delhi. Gujarat University.