Matt Groening Net Worth

Matt Groening Net Worth

$500 Millions

Matt Groening is the famous American cartoonist, TV producer, musician, comedian and Animator. He completed his high school from Lincoln and went for graduation to The Evergreen State College.
Matthew Abram also known as Matt Groening was born in 1954 in Portland, Oregon. He moved to LA from Portland and worked in small company for day jobs and started publishing animated cartoon book called “Life in Hell”. It was sold to Wet Magazine in 1978 and it become, so much popular series so that more than 200 weekly magazine published that.

Eventually it got attention of James L Brooks and he invited Matts to bring his cartoon character to small screen for “Tracey Ulman Show”. But after feeling losing of ownership, Groening decided to start his own TV show called “The Simpsons”. The main character was named from one of his family members name and show became instant hit. It has aired over 490 episodes in 23 seasons and that made Matt multimillionaire celebrity.

Currently, Matt Groening has 500 millions US dollars and every year he is earning huge amount of money as salary from his TV shows and comic books. It is reported that most of his wealth is result of two popular TV shows, “The Simpsons” and “Futurama”.
Matt started “”Futurama” series on 1997 with his David X. Cohen. Later on 2013 show was cancelled but at the time he was already entered in club of multimillionaire. This is how Matt secured more than 500 millions of net worth.

Groening is one of the best cartoonist in America and has received so many awards Prime-time Emmy Award for outstanding animated program, Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year, Animation Writers Caucus Animation Writing Award. He is still counting as he most popular TV show “Simpsons” is still running and performing well.

Matt Groening Net Worth

Full Name Matthew Abraham Groening
Nationality American
Date Of Birth February 15, 1954
Birth Place Portland, Oregon, USA
Occupation Cartoonist, writer, producer,  Animator
Education The Evergreen State College, Lincoln High School
Marital Status Married (Agustina Picasso)
Children 3
Source Of Wealth Film, Television, Games.