Macklemore Net Worth

Macklemore Net Worth

$18 Million

Macklemore is the professional and independent Seattle city based American rapper who has estimated net worth of $18 million US Dollars.
The music industry is known for grooming up celebrities and making them rich. Macklemore is an example of a man who has been groomed by music and made huge amount of money from it. He was born with the name Ben Haggerty before changing it to his popular stage name. He was born in June 19, 1983 in Seattle. Not even his parents knew that he would make a good rapper in the future, more especially given the fact that rap music was closely associated with African-Americans. His story in the rap industry is an inspiring one. His net worth is what makes him great in the world of celebrities.

This sensational rapper has earned huge amount of money which is millions of dollars. This is according to the Forbes report on highest earning celebrities in ongoing year. He is still young in the industry and he is bound to make more money in the future.

His interest in rap music began when he was still very young. Therefore he made it very clear from the onset that he will earn his money from rap music. True to his word, he has earned much of his wealth from the music industry. His earnings began when he was 17 years and released his first hit song that gave him a considerable amount. The amount was not so much to count in his net worth but the fame he got from that release made his subsequent albums to be among the best in rap genre. His first full album is approximated to have earned him a few millions.
It is in 2009 when Macklemore decided to release a mix tape that would sale in large volumes. This marked the beginning of a life full of money. When he met his fellow Seattle artist, Ryan Lewis, he could not resist collaborating with him to make more money.

He is not only a singer but also a songwriter and composer. He does songwriting and composition to earn him more money. As of 2017, he has a total net worth amount of US $18 million but things are getting better for him having been nominated for different Awards in the Grammys.

Macklemore Net Worth

Full Name Benjamin Hammond Haggerty
Nationality USA
Date Of Birth June 19, 1983
Birth Place Seattle, Washington
Height 5’11”
Occupation Rapper
Education The Evergreen State College
Marital Status Married (Tricia Davis)
Children 1
Source Of Wealth Rap, Music