Justin Bieber Net Worth

Justin Bieber Net Worth:

$265 Million

Justin Bieber net worth is $265 Million: Justin Bieber is one of the most famous and well-known name on this Earth and with this success comes with more and more money that you could not imagine. Justine Bieber is a Canadian pop singer whose net worth is 265 Million Dollar. He brought up by his mother and grandparents in a three bedroom bungalow. At the age of 18 his mother gave him a drum kit on his first birthday. At his 2nd birthday his visiting father taught him to play guitar. Her mother Patti made his video and upload these videos on YouTube. And he is now one of the top musician who have the number one most subscribed channel.

Scooter Braun discovered Justin Bieber talent and made him famous in all over the world. In May 2009 money stated rolling in Justin bank accounts. At the 16 Justine purchased his first car a black Range Rover. With the hit of his first album Baby in 2010 and a world tour which give him 41 million dollars. Next year 53 million in 2012 and he started making more and more money like he started earning 50 to 70 million dollars every year. When he reaches at the earning of $170 to $180 million in 2014. Then his estimated net worth reached $200 million.

His all money came from the Concerts of 2010 My World Tour brought in 53.4 Million. And Believed Tour in 2012 earned $210 million and his Purpose Tour another $80 million. On his latest tour YouTube Views were just the second biggest source of earning. His original YouTube Channel with the name kidrauhl has clocked in half a billion views so there’s easily a million dollars. But there’s his VEVO account with almost 30 million Subscribers this channel is clocked in 14 billion views which is as much as 30 million dollars. With some estimates stating that he earned as much as 80 million off YouTube alone. The kid getting premium ads for sure album and single sales are as lowest numbers in terms of revenue of $20 million or so.

Justin is a huge fan of cars. He owns many cars, bikes, and vans that can fill up his parking garage which is valued approximately Two Million Dollars. There is the Ferrari 458 Italia worth a whopping two hundred Twenty thousand. He got two Lamborghini worth a combined $600 Thousand a 997 Porsche Turbo, Matte Black Ferrari F430. His silver Fisker Karma worth $110 Thousand then there’s his Cadillac STS V.

He bought his dad and his family an $850,000 house back home in Stratford, and when he travels overseas he likes to camp out in style. He’s rented Pad in Hawaii for 10,000 a night and a 15 bedroom house in North London spending $135 Thousand a month. This kid certainly knows how to spend all that money he’s earning. Have a look through his Instagram profile to see the designer and custom clothing he wears which don’t come cheap. His pet monkey from 2013 cost him only 2,500 bucks, but when German customs took “Mali” as property leading him to 8000 for handling to place the Monkey in a Zoo. Now that’s all chicken scratch for Justin because he was able to splurge a half a million dollars for two tickets to space with virgin Galactic.

Although, he has received much more success in Music industry due to his albums which got fame in all over the world. He is the only one little musician in the world who got such fame and people like to listen his songs. He also did some mistakes like he was arrested for drag racing in 2014 and this thing made his popularity graph down. But, he still is the only little guy who has the net worth of $265 Million.

Justin Bieber Net Worth

Full Name Justin Drew Bieber
Nationality Canada
Date Of Birth March 1, 1994
Birth Place London, Ontarion, Canada
Height 5 ft 8 in
Occupation Singer, Song Writer
Education Jeanne Sauve Catholic School
Marital Status Single
Children None
Source Of Wealth: Music, Television, Film.