Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth:

$400 Million

Floyd Mayweather born in Grand Rapids in Michigan, his father was a welterweight boxer, he won 28 matches and loss only 6. At age 8 Floyd moved to New Jersey with his mother, where 7 family members lived in one room. When he was growing up, he faced family problems, as his mother and aunt both became addicted to drugs. During teens, he used to go to Golden Gloves gym to watch Mike Tyson to prepare for fights. At 16, he won the Golden Gloves and at 19, he won bronze medal at the Atlanta Olympics.

He earned a lot of money from his profession, in 2015 he earned $210 to 240 Million from the fight with Manny Pacquiao, this is the biggest pay day of his all career, duration of fight was only 36 minutes. Now, his estimated net worth is $400 Million.

He made many things from his income like, his Miami Mansion house worth of $7.7 million which was purchased in 2016 and all the price paid in cash, which has 5,200 sq ft area. five bedrooms, 600 sq ft infinity pool, a private boat dock and a rooftop lounge. A house in Las Vegas Mansion worth of $9.5 Million, which has 22,000 sq ft area, 7 bedrooms, theater, pool, walk in wardrobe, gym and 12 person shower. He has a Penthouse at Palms Place in Las Vegas worth of $1.81 Millions, purchased in 2015, which has 3142 sq ft area, 2 bedrooms and a Spa. He also has a Condo at Ritz Carlton Residences in Las Angels worth of $2.5 millions which has 2,500 sq ft area, 3 bedrooms and a rooftop pool. The last house he has is a Penthouse at Sunny Isles Beach in Florida worth of $1.5 million which purchased in 2010 and has 3,000 sq ft area.

He owns approximately 100+ cars which have the net worth of $70 million in which there is a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita worth of $4.8 Million which purchased in 2015 and only 2 such cars are there in this world. He purchased 3 Bugatti in 2015 worth of $6.2 million. He has Rolls Royce 3+ estimated value of $1.45 million. He has Two Gulf-stream Jet which has the estimated value of $70 million.

He also has 8+ Rolex, Cartier, Hub-lot, Audemars Piguet etc watches which have the value of $6.4+ millions, It is one of the most valuable collection in the world. He has 2+ bags of Diamond Hermes Hac 50 which have the net value of $150,000. He also has a Golden Pen worth of $4,000 and a Diamond Ipod worth of $50,000.

He also owns many business and did a lot of investments in many things like, He invested $2.7 million in Shots Studios which creates content for YouTube. He is the founder of The Money Team which is a Lifestyle brand, e-commerce store and he invests in fashion, music, sports and entertainment. He is also the founder of Mayweather Promotions which promotes live sporting events and it also owns a training facility Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas.

He is also a philanthropist, he did a lot donations like, he donated $200k to Food Bank, $255k to rainbow Academy, $150k to Habitat for humanity, $100k to Cure Cancer. The Floyd Mayweather Jr, Foundation provides $1,000 scholarship to female students and also organizes Fight-4-Fitness annual event. In 2015, he was the World’s highest paid celebrity whose income is $305 million in this year. And now Floyd Mayweather Net Worth is $400 Million.

“Once i am in the square circle, I am in my home.” Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Full Name Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr.
Nationality America
Date Of Birth 24 February, 1977
Birth Place Michigan, United States.
Height 5′ 8″ (1.72 m)
Occupation Boxer, Promoter.
Weight 146.5 lbs (66.45 Kg)
Total Fights 50
Children 4
Source Of Wealth Boxing, Business


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