Don Bradman Net Worth

Don Bradman Net Worth:

$70 Million

Bradman grew up in town of Bowral, NSW, where his father worked as a carpenter. He loved playing cricket and used to practice at home by using a cricket stump for bat and a golf ball. He played for his Bowral Public School team and scored his first century at age 12, in 1920. At 13, his father took him to SCG for a Test match, he told his father “I will never be happy till I play on this ground”. At 14, he started working for a real estate agent as a clerk and also pursued cricket. When he was at 20, he made his test debut, but failed to score runs and was dropped. He was re-selected for 3rd Test match at MCG and scored a century.

His tour salary was 600 pounds for six months and additional 50 pounds for equipment in 1930’s. He also worked in H.W.Hodgetts and Co, his yearly salary was 700 pounds and additional 500 pounds when out of Australia. He also did a contract for Radio 2UE, Sydney Sun, F.J Palmer where his total income was 1500 pounds a year.

He has a house Cootamundra, NSW which is also Bradman’s Birthplace. He was born in this cottage, this place is now restored and is open for public. There is also a Shepherd Street Home in Bowral NSW where Bradman lived from 1911 to 1924, here he used to practice with a stamp and golf ball. He has a Holden Street Home, in Adelaide where he lived since 1934 and often played at the nearby Kensington Club.

He also purchased the cars over the years. His first car was Chevrolet Roadster which gifted by General Motors after 1930 England tour. He also has a Mitsubishi Sigma worth of $12,035 estimated price in Australia, Another Holden Apollo Car worth of A$30,760 in Australia.

He is the founder of Don Bradman and Co and also the member of Adelaida Stock Exchange. He retired from the stock brooking business in 1954. He was also the Chairman of Argo Investment company from 1982 to 1984. He is also the author of The Art of Cricket, How to Play Cricket and Farewell to Cricket.

He was also a Musician, He played piano and composed songs. In 1930 he composed and record a song ‘Every Day’. He plays himself a small roll in the movie The Flying Doctor, this movie won an award at the 1937 Venice Festival. Don Bradman’s ‘Invincibles’ tour cap sold for $214,378 at Charles Leski Auctions in 2008.

He is the national hero of Australia because, Australia suffer badly during Great Depression of 1930s, as the GDP declined by over 10%. One in three Australian breadwinners was unemployed, many without food and homes. At that time, Bradman’s batting provided hope and joy, he became an inspiration for his nation. He ended 20 years career with a test average of 99.94 runs and was also Knighted. News of Bradman’s death was mourned by cricketing nation’s across the world in February 25, 2001.

“May cricket continue to flourish and spread its wings”. Bradman.

Don Bradman Net Worth

Full Name Donald George Bradman
Nationality New South Wales, Australian
Date Of Birth August 27, 1908
Birth Place Australia
Height 5′ 8″ (1.73 M)
Occupation Cricket Player
Education Bowral High School
Marital Status Married(Jessie Martha Menzies)
Children 2
Died February 25, 2001