Carlos Slim Net Worth

Carlos Slim Net Worth:

$68.1 Billion

He is the chairman of 4th largest mobile network operator ‘America Movil’ and the founder of Grupo Carso. He born in 1940 in Mexico City, his father was a businessman who taught him about investing. At the age of 10, he started investing in Govt, bonds and at 12 he bought his 1st share in Mexican bank. He was close to his father, his father died when Carlos was only 13. After completing engineering, he started working as a stock trader, and worked 14 hours days.

His net worth milestone crossed $1 Million at age 25. And Carlos net worth crossed $1 Billion at the age of 50. His company America Movil’s revenue is $47.4 Billion is 2016 and Carlos Slim’s is the majority shareholder in the company. and now Carlos Slim net worth is $68.1 Billion in 2017 at the age of 77.

He is the owner of many houses like, Mansion in Mexico City which has 6 bedroom house, built in 1930’s. He has been living here for 40+ years. He also has Elizabeth Taylor’s former house in New York with the net worth of $15.5 Million which has 11,700 sq ft. A Duke Semans Mansion also in New York for sale price is $80 Million which has 20,000 sq ft and 12 bedrooms. He has an Office building, Fifth Avenue in New York worth of $140 Million which has 11 story office tower and 412,000 sq ft. A Marquette building, in Detroit worth of $5.8 Million which is 10 story building used for retail, offices and restaurants but now he sold it. He also has a Plaza Carso in Mexico which cost for $1.4 Billion and has museum, shopping center, offices, and residence.

He has a good collection of cars in which there are Mercedes, Chevrolet Suburban worth of $51,000, and Bentley Continental Flying Spur worth of $191,725. There are also private jet in his property like, Gulf-stream G550 worth of $59 Million, he occasionally travels by commercial airplanes or by Telmex helicopter. He has a Princess Mariana Yacht who’s 1 week cost of charter is $650K but it sold in 2013. In 1990’s he used to wear a plastic calculator watch. He also has a Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel watch worth of $13k.

He has no computer in his office, financial data is written in notebooks. He invested $370 Million in New York Times, he is the stake holder of 16.8%. He is also the owner of Ostar Hotel Group, which operates nine hotels in Mexico and the U.S. It acquired first hotel ‘Hotel Calinda’ in 1991. He invested $40 Million in 2013 in Shazam Music Discovery App. He invested $2.5 Million in Real Oviedo a Spanish football club in 2012. He invested $19.25 Million in In-bursa Aquarium which has 11,500 sq ft area, 5 story, 4 underground and 300 species. He is the owner of Soumaya Museum worth of $70 Million, named after Carlos wife, who died in 1999.

He is also the fond of Art and has the Madonna of the Yarn-winder by Leonardo Da Vinci worth of $65 Million and has total collection of approximately 66,000+ Art Pieces with the estimated value of $700+ Million. Carlos Slim Foundation donated $3.5+ Billion to education, sports, health and calamity relief. He is now the 6th richest person in the world. Once he also became the richest person in the world because his assets crossed the assets of Bill Gates.

“When you live for others opinions, you are dead.” Carlos Slim.

Carlos Slim Net Worth

Full Name Carlos Slim Helu
Nationality Mexxico
Date Of Birth January 28, 1940
Birth Place Mexico
Occupation Businessman, CEO
Education Civil Engineering
Marital Status Married (Soumaya Domit)
Children 5
Source Of Wealth Telecom, Telmex, Grupo Carso.