Bill Gates Net Worth

Bill Gates Net Worth:

$89.7 Billion

$89.7 Billion Bill Gates Net Worth: Co-founder Chairman Of Microsoft, Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, Investor, Philanthropist who has the net worth of 89.7 Billion USD. Bill Gates has been popular for being the co-founder of Microsoft one of the most successful companies of the world he was ranked the wealthiest person in the world from 1995 to 2009 by Forbes. Bill Gates joined the Prestigious university of Harvard where he met Steve Ballmer White. Bill Gates has than married to Melinda Gates since 1994. He has two daughters named Phoebe and Jennifer and a son named Rory.

In 1975 Paul Allen and Bill Gates launched Microsoft, latter which became the world’s biggest and largest Computer software company. Bill Gates became the CEO of this company and have the biggest share in the company. In 2006 he stepped back from the CEO of Microsoft and started a part-time work and full-time work at Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation which was settled in 2000. This foundation is started to give charity to the poor.

In 1987 Bill Gates has been included world’s wealthiest people’s list of Forbes. In 2009 Gates and Warren Buffett made The Giving Pledge where they and all other billionaires have to give the half of their wealth to philanthropy.
Gates is a person who is interested to give charity and donation. He denoted approximately $28 billion to charities. He started this in 1999, at that time he donated $16 billion. His charity is for AIDS, Polio, Tuberculosis and famine-resistant in the world.

At the age of 31 his net worth crossed $1 Billion. In 2016 his net worth was approximately $85.3 Billion. Now he the richest person with an estimated net worth of $89.7 Billions.

Bill Gates Net Worth

Full Name William Henry Gates III
Nationality United States
Date Of Birth October 28, 1955
Height 5 ft 19 In
Weight 135 lbs
Occupation Chairman Of Microsoft
Education Drop Out, Harvard University.
Marital Status Married (Melinda Gates)
Children 3
Source Of Wealth: Microsoft.


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